Friday, April 23, 2010

Vegan Product Research

I'll be updating this post as I contact and get responses from each company regarding their vegan products. So far I have the FAQ from each company's website regarding cruelty-free ingredients and their animal testing policy (since, no matter how animal-free the products are...if they're tested on animals...they're still not vegan!). Following those is a list of brands I have contacted regarding vegan products; it's really just for my own record-keeping.

Jack Black Skin Care:
(From their website's FAQ)
Q: What is Jack Black's policy on animal testing?
A: Jack Black has a cruelty-free philosophy, no animals are harmed in the development, testing or manufacturing of Jack Black products. For the most part, our products do not incorporate any animal derived ingredients. The only exceptions are the limited use of Beeswax and Silk Amino acids. Jack Black does not engage in animal testing, nor do we ask outside parties to do animal testing on our behalf.
(From their response email):
Thanks for inquiring about our products. All of our products are vegan, with the exception of the Intense Therapy Lip Balms, which contain beeswax. All of our products are cruelty-free, we do no animal testing and none of our suppliers test animals on our behalf. Also, we are still using silk in the Sleek Texture Cream

Anthony Logistics
(from their response email):

The only product we have which contains an animal byproduct is our Lip Balm which contains beeswax. All of our other products are made with plant-based ingredients and synthetic ingredients, including our squalene which is derived from wheat germ.

(from their FAQ)
Q: Are your products tested on animals?
A: Our products are cruelty-free, meaning they are never tested on animals. We are now part of PETA's Caring Consumer Companies, so look forward to the "Cruelty-Free" symbol on our packaging in the future.

(from their FAQ)
Q:  Does Benefit Cosmetics test on animals?
A:  NO... Benefit does not test our finished products on animals. We love our furry friends and would never want to hurt them.
Q:  Does Benefit use ingredients tested on animals?
A:  It is impossible to use only ingredients which have never been tested on animals at some point in the past.  In conformity with European rules, tests on ingredients are not done on animals when other methods exist to ensure the safety of those ingredients is *not* impossible to use only ingredients which have never been tested on animals. I'm a little disappointed in that claim.

(From their response email):
We are proud to say that we DO NOT test on our little furry friends! We also make sure that our manufacturers are not mistreating any animals as well. We strive to make sure that our products are of top quality, however we could never harm another living being to reach this goal. I can also say that there are no animal by-products in any of our cosmetic or skin care lines, we are considered Vegan.

Cake Beauty
(From their response email):

Thank you for your email and interest in Cake Beauty. Most of our products are vegan and of course none of our ingredients or final products are tested on animals. The products that are NOT vegan (as they contain milk products) are:

- milk made hand creme
- milk made hand & cuticle buffer
- milk made frothing bath & shower cream
- milk made hydrating moisture milk
- milk made smoothing white sugar scrub
Hopefully this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions at all!
(Note: I responded to this email to let them know that The lip balms contain carmine, which is an animal by-product from crushed up bug shells, the Satin Sugar all purpose balm contains beeswax, and

The Take Your Time Hair and Body Mist contains Urea and Lactic acid, both of which can be animal derived.)

(From their FAQ)
Q: Are any of your products tested on animals?
A: None of CARGO's products are tested on animals.
Q: Do your products contain animal by-products?
A: The ingredient list for each product varies. Some of our products contain ingredients that are derived from animal by-products, such as lanolin (a natural extract of sheep wool) or beeswax (a natural wax derived from honey bee hives).

Carol's Daughter
(From their response email):
All of our products contain natural ingredients and are not tested on
animals. The following products are made with beeswax:

Mimosa Hair Honey
Kizzi Hair Pomade
Loc Butter
All of our body and lip butters

No other products are made with animal bi-product

(From their FAQ)
In the choice of ingredients:
Since everything can be found in plants, Clarins has its use of plants a key component of the brand, which has been a great benefit to many animal species. Starting in 1991, Clarins has eliminated the use of cellular extracts of animal origin.
Respect for the environment goes beyond just the choice of ingredients. In 1987, Clarins was the first French company to stop all product testing on animals. Clarins concern for the environment is also evident through its support of envirnmentally conscious organizations such as Alp Action.  Headed by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, this team supports the preservation and restoration of several natural sites in the Alps, and the Herbarium.

(From their response email):
Clarins wants you to know that we do not perform animal testing on any of our products. We also require non-animal testing assurances from our ingredient suppliers. Further, we do not employ the use of animal
ingredients or animal by-products in our formulas. For over 40 years we have been recognized for our expertise in botanical ingredients, upon which the entire Clarins skin care line is built.
However, Clarins products are not considered vegan.

(From their FAQ)
Animal Testing:
Clinique Laboratories, LLC. is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and bringing to market products that comply with applicable regulations in every country in which our products are sold.
We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.
Clinique Laboratories, LLC. fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives. To this end, the Company works extensively with the industry at larte and the global scientific community to research and fund these alternatives.

(From their FAQ):
Q: Does your company test on animals?
A: World Cosmetics, LLC (manufacturer of colorOn Professional) does not conduct or endorse cosmetic testing on animals.''

(From their FAQ):
Q: Does Cosmedicine test its products on animals?
A: No. The only animals Cosmedicine tests on are people.
(From their response email):
Thank you for your inquiry of Cosmedicine products.
We do not have a list of Vegan Products, as that has not been our focus. Our line combines "the best of science and nature" to achieve healthy skin for a lifetime, and at Zero Irritation.
If you have some products you would like me to research I would be happy to do so-- just let me know which ones you are interested in.

Cover FX
(From their response email):
We use carmine in some of our MintGlaze FX lip shades and Bronze FX bronzers. Carmine may be prepared from cochineal, by boiling dried insects in water. As it is made from dried insects it doesn't meet the strict vegan definition.
We also use Hydrolyzed Milk Protein in our ClearPrep FX. Since dairy is not allowed for vegans, this product does not meet the vegan guidelines.
There are no animal derived materials in any of our other Cover FX products. You may safely use our Cover FX Cream Foundation SPF 30, Natural FX SPF 15, SkinTint FX SPF 30, Powder FX SPF 10, Mineral FX SPF 15, Matte FX, Setting FX, BritePrep FX SPF 50, SkinPrep FX, Radiant FX, Clean FX and MintGlaze FX.
I hope this answers your concerns about our products. Thank you for considering Cover FX products and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

(From their FAQ):
Q: do you perform animal testing?
A: No lab bunnies here. We do all our product testing on actors, not animals.

First Aid Beauty
(From their FAQ):
Q: Do you test on animals?
A: FAB has never tested on animals and never will, period.
Q: Are FAB products vegan, or do any of them contain animal by-products?
A: The majority of FAB products contain no animal ingredients. Wherever possible, we seek alternatives to animal by-products. For example, instead of animal cholesterol, we use squalane derived from olives to help hydrate the skin. Our hydrocortisone Healing Stick contains beeswax to help maintain product stability and provide a consistent spread

(From their FAQ):
Q: Does Fresh test its products on animals?Fresh does not test any of our products on animals, nor do we use animal-tested ingredients.
(From their response email):
I've been notified by our Product Development department that we are not able to give out a specific list of vegan items at this time, as we are still working with Marketing to finalize such a reference tool, as well as a more-detailed publication of our ingredient information. As soon as these directories are complete and made available for public distribution, we will be sure to let our customers know.

Pangea Organics
(From their response email):
Pangea Organics products are vegan with the exception of the following:
Body Lotions: contain certified organic beeswax
Lip Balms: contain certified organic beeswax
Red Mandarin Rose Facial Cream: contains a food-grade preservative system including Lactoperoxidase, an enzyme derived from milk
Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream: contains a food-grade preservative system including Lactoperoxidase, an enzyme derived from milk
*Pangea Organics is registered with (run by PETA) as a cruelty-free company (we do not test on animals).
**All Squalane in Pangea Organics is derived from olive rather than shark.

Skyn Iceland
(From their company info):
We are certified cruelty-free by PETA, which means we oppose animal testing and wouldn't dream of hurting animals — ever! We're also 100% vegetarian, which means there are no animal derived ingredients in our products. Even vegans can feel good about skyn ICELAND.
Too Faced

(From their FAQ):
Q: Do you test on animals?
A: No way! Too Faced loves animals (check out our Too Faced gives Back page). Our products are cruelty-free. In fact, our brushes are made with the softest and gentlest teddy-bear hair.

Companies contacted regarding their vegan products:
-Amazing Cosmetics
-Anastasia - Responded. No items considered vegan at this time.
-Anthony - Responded. Many vegan items!
-BareEscentuals (including Buxom)
-Billy Jealousy
-Blinc - Responded. All items *are* vegan!
-Cake Beauty - Responded. Many vegan items!
-Carol's Daughter - Responded. Vegan with the exception of an included list of products.
-Clarins - Responded. No vegan items.
-Clarisonic - Responded. Only non-vegan item is Refreshing Gel Cleanser which contains seashell-derived glucosamine.
-Cosmedicine - Responded. No vegan list; will do research on an item-by-item basis.
-CoverFX - Responded. Many vegan items with exceptions listed.
-DermaDoctor (umbrella brand for many that Sephora carries):
Anthony Logistics, B. Kamins, BeautyBlender, Billy Jealousy, Bliss, Clarisonic, DDF, DERMAdoctor, Dr. Brandt, Fusion Beauty, GoSMiLE, Hampton Sun, Jack Black, Kinerase, Korres, L'Occitane, Lab Series, MD Skincare, ModelCo, Murad, no!no!, Ole Henriksen, Peter Thomas Roth, Prevage, Sevin Nyne, Shaveworks, Silk'n, StiVectin, Tanda, Tweezerman, and Yu-Be

-fresh - Responded. List currently unavailable.
-Jack Black - Responded. All but two of their products are vegan!
-Pangea Organics - Responded. All but a short list are vegan (very specific and open email!)
-Too Faced


  1. You noted the testing not but not much on ingredients. Like Clinique uses animal ingredients even though they don't test on them.

  2. Thanks! :)

    This is really helpful :)

  3. Você não vai entender o que digo, mas...OBRIGADA, OBRIGADA, OBRIGADA! Em meu país (Brasil) é dificílimo encontrar produtos livres de crueldade, e seu blog foi uma bênção. Parabéns pela sua dedicação, sua informações serão MUTO úteis para MUITAS pessoas, tenha certeza disso.
    Obrigada :]

    Translation ...

    You will not understand what I say but ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! In my country (Brazil) is very difficult to find cruelty-free products, and your blog was a blessing. Congratulations on your dedication, your information will be very useful for many people, be sure.
    Thanks :]

  4. This is very helpful, thank you. I never gave much thought to cruelty in cosmetics before and now that I do, it's difficult to research because of the way companies choose to present the information (Benefit being one of the most confusing ones). Thank you again

  5. Clinique does test on animals when is required by law, they say so because they entered into the China market and China asks all cosmetics that will be sold in their country to be tested on animals first before trying to sell.

    Same happened to MAC, Revlon and others...

  6. Clinique is owned by Estee Lauder and they definitely test on animals. While Cliniques website says they don't (which could be true for them), their parent company does. This means that if you purchase Clinique, you are still supporting animal testing.

    I know it's hard and confusing. I have been struggling with this problem since I started avoiding companies that perform animal testing.

    1. I love clinique and discovered the animal testing today. Now I need to find an alternative. Bath and Body Works is not on the list however they state on one of their containers that I own this final finished product is not tested on animals. Therefore in my opinion that means they ultimately test on animals.

    2. I love clinique and discovered the animal testing today. Now I need to find an alternative. Bath and Body Works is not on the list however they state on one of their containers that I own this final finished product is not tested on animals. Therefore in my opinion that means they ultimately test on animals.

  7. This is a great list, thank you!
    I find Clarins response perplexing... o animal testing and no animal derived ingredients, and yet not considered vegan? Did you ever ask them what it was that made their line non vegan then?

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  11. I love how some companies say, "unless required by law," regarding animal testing. China requires ALL cosmetics and skin products be tested on animals even if the product won't be sold in China. So, if a company makes that claim, they're off my list because I do not buy from China because there are a plethora of truly vegan options.

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